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.LK Domains (Srilanka)

Do you want to register a .LK Domain?

Find the perfect domain name for you...
Local TLD Pricing
Domain Name Price
Cat Description 1 years 2 years Renewal
Cat 1 CAT1 - Full Domain Package
Top level domain including the following Second-Level Domains .com.lk, .org.lk, edu.lk
Rs.5,600/- Rs.10,640/- Rs.5,600/
Cat 2 CAT2 - Top Level Domain Only
e.g. domain.lk
Rs.3450/ Rs.6,900/- Rs.3450/-
Cat 3 CAT3 - Second Level Domains*
e.g. domain.com.lk domian.org.lk etc.
(*Excluding the Domains coming under CAT4 or CAT5)
Rs.1,120/- Rs.2,130/- Rs.1,120/-
Cat 4 CAT4 - Two Letter Domain Names And special names
e.g. tv.lk
And numeric names (2-7 digits) such 1234567.lk including the following
Second-Level Domains .com.lk, .org.lk, .edu.lk
Rs.28,000/- Rs.53,200/- Rs.28,000/-
Cat 5 CAT5 - Three Letter Domain Names And desirable names
e.g. sun.lk
And numeric names (8-10 digits) such 1234567890.lk including the following
Second-Level Domains .com.lk, .org.lk, .edu.lk
Rs.11,200/- Rs.21,280/- Rs.11,200/-
Domain price can be change any time
What is Domain Privacy Protection which you provide for FREE?

Without privacy protection enabled on your domain anyone anywhere can look up your name, address, telephone number and email on the internet. Our domain privacy protection helps keep your personal information private. Your domain still belongs to you and you have control, but if anyone searches for your domain registration information they will find it locked and will not be able to see it. Our domain whois privacy is compliant with all ICANN Whois Accuracy Guidelines
How long will it take to register?

It takes a few minutes to register a domain name using our secure domain order form. You can start to use your domain name in few minutes, this allows your name to filter around the Internet computers. If you want to check if your domain name is ready for use, just type in your domain name into your browser and if our holding page comes up it is safe to start using it.
What happens when I order a domain name using your order form?

Once you have selected which domains you want to order, you are asked to complete a short form. This form is used to specify who is to be the owner of the domain, and your name and billing address. Once you have completed this section you will be taken to our secure payment system for the completion of your order.

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